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McGee Pest Control's Mosquito Control Team is dedicated to taking care of mosquito problems within the City Limits!  McGee Pest Control has contracts with the cities of Hopkinsville, KY and Clarksville, TN . The program is geared towards quality of life issues concentrating on areas of schools, parks, public golf courses, recreation areas and public water retainment sites. Scope of services include: Placing larvacide in standing water to prevent mosquito breeding. Spraying insecticide to kill adult mosquitoes (This process is known as street fogging).

If you live within the Hopkinsville city limits, email your mosquito complaint to hopmosquito@mcgeepestcontrol.com.

If you live within the Clarksville city limits, email your mosquito complaint to clarksvmosquito@mcgeepestcontrol.com

If you do not live within the city limits of either of these two cities, you can still receive service for your mosquito problem.  Contact us at miscmosquito@mcgeepestcontrol.com today for a free quote.  


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